Class Descriptions

Beginners Yoga


Beginners Yoga Is a great place to start to learn the basics of yoga . In this class you will learn how to do the main poses and find the modifications needed for your practice. This is a good class to reconnect with or begin your practice.

Vinyasa all levels flow


This is a great class for those who have attended a couple yoga classes and are building a steady practice. A moderately paced class designed to help you build flexibility and strength. All levels of practice welcome from advanced to just starting out.

Yin Yoga


Yin Yoga is a practice done mainly on the ground. Each pose is held between 2-5 mins which allows the ligaments and fascia to soften tension and pain in the body. Very meditative and relaxing. Great for all levels even absolute beginners.

Slow flow and Meditation


Come slow your practice down , with this relaxing Vinyasa Flow. Set to soft music and depending on the time of day there is lit candles and if the class says warm then there is added heat for release of muscle tension. Whatever slow flow you choose , you'll be sure to walk out calmer and peaceful. Great for all levels.

Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga Yoga is a flow practice with a fixed sequence set to build strength and flexibility quickly. It is very breath movement focused with added in chanting in the beginning and end of each class . The practice is designed to build mindfulness and passion. It becomes a way of life and once you try it , you're hooked! Best to have at least done 2-4 Vinyasa all level flow classes before trying Ashtanga yoga. 

Hot Powerful Yoga


We turn the heat up and the pace, in this Hot and Powerful flow class . We have our own style of Hot yoga , just enough heat to get the muscles opened and the sweat dripping , but not so much its hard to handle. The pace is faster and we try new and exciting poses that you wouldn't find in a regular class. Experience with flow classes is recommended.