Jessica's Story

What brought Jessica to yoga is this need to completely change her life. Everyone has a story , this is hers.

From a young age she dealt with anxiety and depression , her home life as a young child was broken , her parents divorcing very early on in her life due to addiction and abuse. She tried to cope with the separation as she grew up , but her mother found another husband who also became abusive. As Jessica grew up , life got more and more intense and so did her anxiety. 

  As time moved on and she became an adult , she turned to drugs and alcohol herself as a way to cope , but her main addiction of choice became food . As the years progressed and her food addiction got stronger , her weight started to climb. By the time she was 30 years old her weight had sky rocketed to almost 400 lbs. She wasn't doing much at this point to fix it , just coasting , she then found a Buddhist temple nearby and started to meditate weekly. As she explains this was the moment that the darkness she engulfed herself in , started to become lighter . She started for the first time ever to see the inner workings of her mind . It was scary and yet liberating.

 About a year later her weight went up again and reached 472lbs! At this point she was drinking more then ever and very unhappy , eating more and more calories , and the effects were starting to take its toll on her health . Shortly a month later she had a small heart attack , that was her wake up call ! At 31 she couldn't believe that this happened , due to her poor lifestyle choices . The doctors told her she needed to change and she needed to do so asap . So she got in the gym and started to work on that change .

 She couldn't even walk for 3 mins without having to sit down , everything was hard ! But she kept going . One doctor recommended her to go back to yoga , yoga was something she had dabbled with a lot when she was younger but never really kept up with as she had the usual mind set of I'm not that flexible or strong and wouldn't try it very often . But this time it was different , she found a spiritual studio , and they were patient with her and she started to practice  and She kept getting stronger and within 6 months she knew her calling was to become a yoga teacher . By the time she enrolled in the teacher training program she was already down 150lbs ! yoga was workings its magic , by allowing Jessica to over come her food addiction through mental awareness . When she graduated her first teacher training she was down 225lbs and was also now a marathon runner . Yoga gave her confidence and self-love. The practice saved her .

 She knew she wanted to open a studio and offer an environment of self acceptance and body positivity . She had gone to many studios who had heckled her out , refused to give her a job because of her image and she knew this wasn't right ! She wanted a space where her students could roll out their yoga mats and feel amazing. 

 Yoga is more then just a physical practice to Jessica , its a way of life . This is everything to her . She continues to learn and practice to bring an energy unique to the city of Lakewood . Jessica continues on with her weight loss journey and hopes to accomplish her goals of health and self love.