Yoga Videos for at home

Beginners Yin Yoga with Alana Kane,teacher on Tuesday nights at 8PM . This soothing class takes you through gentle poses to open and clear the mind.

Guided Meditation with Jessica Sayre

Jessica Sayre guides you and teaches you proper alignment and posture for meditation along with easy instructions  how to meditate and build

a daily practice.

Yoga with Kino

Kino Macgregor explains what brought her to yoga and how the spirituality and strength of the practice changed her life .Watch this inspirational video to power your ambition to step to your mat everyday.

Sun Salutation A in depth

Jessica Sayre dives into the sun salutation A and helps you to find different alignments to better help your practice . 

How to practice Yin Yoga

Alana Kane explains in depth the 4 yin principles of the practice in this short over view .